Hey there!

Last night was our big middle school fundraiser - Everett's Got Talent - and it was spectacular. The talent show part in & of itself was really professional & well done - both on & behind stage, which included sound & lighting experts (talented kids - like, totally talented & very skilled parents).  There was also a silent auction, which I helped with and which was chock full of great items to bid on - parties put on by parents, special outings with teachers for kids, restaurant gift certificates, hotel stays, gorgeous photos, artwork, tons of alcohol, gorgeous gift baskets & much more.  And out in the courtyard there was a bake sale with delectable baked goodies and a food table with homemade panini sandwiches, hotdogs and other yummy things.  The paninis were so good and such a great idea.  The courtyard looked really beautiful - white picnic tables, ambient lighting from industrial style string lights, and lots of happy people eating, laughing & bidding on auction items.  It was magical.  There's nothing like a school fundraiser to bring the community together to raise money for their school.  It's really a community builder in addition to a fundraiser.  It's how parents become good friends - we all have to work together for the same goal. I felt so warm & fuzzy last night leaving the event, and in total awe of Roxy G & Desmond G, who put the whole thing together - bravo!

My daughter is turning 12 on Tuesday, and I just can't believe it.  How did this happen so quickly?????  Well, before I start blubbering because I am already feeling really emotional about it let me tell you the plan.  Since Tuesday is a QDTG day, I am definitely not making a special birthday dinner because you know what I do on Tuesday nights, y'all?  I come home after a crazy day of shopping, cooking, cleaning, delivering & picking up my daughter at swim team practice at 6:30 and then I collapse in bed by 7:30.  This Tuesday will have to be different because we are going out to dinner and she's skipping swim practice (hallelujah).  We will eat here in Bernal at a delicious Italian restaurant called Vega with two of her friends who can't come to her party on Saturday.  And then I'll collapse in bed by 8:30 (God willing).  On Saturday we are having the actual birthday party, which is a "tea party fiesta" - a theme only a kid could come up with, right?  First there will be tea sandwiches on those cute 3-tiered serving pieces in the style of Lovejoy's Tea Room.  There will be a few different kinds of sandwiches - cheddar, tomato & mayo - cream cheese & smoked salmon - and salami & cheese.  I'm also going to have a platter of strawberries and I'm making salad skewers - you take a skewer and thread on hunks of iceberg lettuce, mozzarella balls & cherry tomatoes, and will be served with ranch dressing for dipping.  Isn't that a cute idea?  It's not mine - I saw it on an episode of the Pioneer Woman.  To drink there will be a big jug of raspberry lemonade, which is pink & pretty & very festive.  Then the girls will head over to the park a few blocks away for a bit and run around.  When they come back the fiesta portion will begin (I am already tired thinking about this) and there will be chips & guacamole, which is my daughter's favorite food in the whole world, a unicorn piñata that this woman Gladys is making (I'll give you her info after the party), music, picture taking, maybe a movie and store bought cupcakes because who has time to bake?  For the piñata, we picked out a bunch of candy, of course, but also sparkly gel pens & hand sanitizer - I know that sounds funny, but kids love sanitizer, especially my daughter.  Thankfully, my friend Chloe is coming over to help me with the party because she is amazing, and I love her.

Last week a few clients purchased meals for friends in need.  You guys this is a great idea!  We all want to be supportive friends, right?  We all have people in our lives who might be sick, or going through a hard time, or just had a baby.  But we are all short on time so give the gift of a homemade meal that you don't have to make yourself.  I will do it for you.  Order your friend a meal or two from QDTG and everyone will be happy.  


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