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MUNI & Kids Caitlin's Pizza

Happy Sunday!

Well, the second week of school was a lot better for me than the first.  Don't you like how I talk about it like I'm the one in school?  I guess everything is about me. Well, this is what I know. If I'm organized and have my act together then things run smoothly.  If I'm walking around like a chicken with it's head cut off, then it's hard for everyone around here.  The hardest thing about a new school year for me is not having everything ironed out with the driving - it's the logistical stuff that kills me.  One thing I'm doing this year is that I am not driving to school as often as I used to so that I can exercise in the morning at a time that's good for me.  My daughter can just hop on the bus at the top of our street, and it takes her just a few blocks from school.  At first she complained about me not driving her, but now she's fine with it.  As for the afternoons, she can get to most places on the bus as well.  I'm making sure that her bat mitzvah lessons are at a time that is convenient for getting there by bus so that we don't have anymore of that after school scramble.  Then she can practice on her way over to temple because I don't think she's practicing enough at home.  So mostly what I have to do is the drive home from swim practice & temple.  And the one or two days she has free she can hang out with her friends at the library or in the Castro and get home on her own. It's very freeing, and it allows me to get my work done without freaking out in the afternoons.  Taking the bus in SF can be a little crazy sometimes - there are so many weirdos on MUNI.  There was one day where the bus was super crowded and she got off at the wrong stop, but I could tell where she was from my phone and she was just a few blocks from the pool.  This is all good stuff as far as I'm concerned.  Teaching our kids to be independent is one of our biggest jobs as parents, right?  

We went to our friend Caitlin's house last night for an essential oil party, and she made the most delicious pizza - OMG.  I'm going to make it tonight for dinner and you can, too, because it's super duper easy & tasty. You know those Vicolo cornmeal pizza crusts?  You can find them at most supermarkets, but if you buy them at TJ's they are a lot less expensive.  Well, take one of those and spread a little pizza sauce on there. Then some shredded mozzarella, lots of goat cheese & walnuts.  And voila, an awesome pizza and a sure hit.  You can top those crusts with anything - pesto & fresh tomatoes - sausage, broccolini & ricotta - bacon, pineapple & smoked mozzarella - etc.  I might add some caramelized onions & thyme to Caitlin's version.  And I'm definitely going to make a shredded kale salad with it as well - you gotta get your veggies in!  And that's going to be an easy dinner on a Sunday night.  

Have a great week!


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