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Family BBQ& Going to Bed Early

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hope you are all enjoying the last few days of summer. It looks like the sun is going to make an appearance today - yahoo!  It came out just a tiny bit here in Bernal in the late afternoon yesterday when we were having a bbq. It never really got warm though - almost everyone one was bundled up - but nonetheless we ate outside, which i really love.  It just feels special even when the weather doesn't really cooperate. We celebrated 4 family birthdays for August/September - two 73rd birthdays, one 70th birthday and one 40th - exciting, right?  And my cousin Jesse was in town for the weekend with his girlfriend Liz and they were able to join us, which was super fun & special.  They are an adorable artistic Brooklyn couple, and we all told Jesse he needs to propose to Liz because she's such a catch.  We did the whole pushy family thing with him - it was fun!

Here's the menu: Baked brie with balsamic Grilled veggie skewers Grilled tofu skewers Grilled steak skewers Italian bread & tomato salad Fattoush salad Tomato, basil & mozzarella salad Tahini sauce (of course - it's my fave - I'm obsessed) Potato chips (you can't have a bbq without chips)   And birthday cake and rose & pink champagne  

So many salads, which everyone loved & so much delicious food!

I also did a tiny bit of catering yesterday, and had gotten up before the crack of dawn to cook, so at 8pm when everyone left I hopped into bed.  It felt so good.  I love going to bed early.  What can I say?  When you're 46,000 years old you need your rest. 

Enjoy the sun today!!!!!


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