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Good morning & happy Sunday, y'all!  

You know how terrariums are all the rage right now? Like, they are everywhere in every store it seems. I made three yesterday! They are pretty expensive when you buy them already made, but when you make them yourself the price is very reasonable. It all started when I bought a pack of three glass cylinder vases at Ikea. I saw them on the shelf at $17 for the three, and I thought I could do something kind of cool with them. Maybe fill them up with found objects or something. Then I had a better idea, and realized I could turn them into terrariums. Usually when I have ideas about projects, they just remain ideas and it takes so long to turn them into reality. I went from idea to reality in 4 days time because it was very easy to put them together. I watched this video on the Real Simple website, went to the store to buy just a few items and then I was good to go. All you need is some rocks for drainage, some cactus soil, sand & plants. You can buy everything at the garden store, which tends to be kind of expensive, or you can go to a few different stores and shop around your house to save money. I did a little bit of everything. I went to Michael's craft store to buy some pebbles & decorative sand. I bought the cactus soil and real sand at Flowercraft because it's super close to my house. I recycled some succulents and air plants I had around the house that needed a good home. I set up a little work station down in my yard and within an hour, I had three gorgeous terrariums. My daughter used to collect crystals and rocks for a few years so I had a wide variety of fun things to decorate the terrariums with so they are filled with more than just plants. There's some serious crystal energy emanating from them. If you are looking for a crazy and fun place to buy crystals and rocks and air plants at very good prices, head over to The Love of Ganesha on Haight Street. It's mind blowing inside so be prepared. There is so much in there so give yourself plenty of time to soak it all in. The prices are very reasonable, especially for the air plants. The selection is huge. And if you are into dream catchers, this is the place for you. They are everywhere. It's a great place to find magical items for your garden. And it's a must for terrarium creations. You could really impress a friend or loved one by making them a terrarium as a present. Imagine giving them one and they'll ask you where you got it because it's so beautiful, and you'd be like, I made it for you. Imagine the thrill!  

Have a great week and let me cook for you.


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