Hey there, friends!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday y'all!  Who am I kidding - I don't watch football.  I'm getting together with my parents instead because it's been a few weeks, and my mom gets really antsy when we don't see each other every other week.  We are going to meet up over by where Lands End meets Sea Cliff, which is very close to the Legion of Honor and the Lincoln Park golf course.  We will walk along the the trail towards the Cliff House and then if we still feel like walking, we can go down onto Ocean Beach or walk along that recreation path on the Great Highway.  It's going to be warm & sunny & the waves are going to be really big.  Then we are going to eat asian food for dinner, which makes me happy.  I'm psyched to be out in the sun this afternoon because I think I have seasonal affective disorder, and I need the sunlight.  Or maybe I'm just cranky - who knows!

But if I were watching football, I'd be psyched to eat "game day" food like cook's illustrated nachos, oven baked crispy chicken wings with a honey garlic sauce, the pioneer woman's potato skins, cheesy ranch chex party mix with cheezits (yum!) and drink lots of skinny girl margaritas (even though bethenny is super annoying & obnoxious) and yell inappropriate things at the tv.  That sounds so fun, doesn't it?  No wonder so many people are having parties today.

That's all I've got for you - enjoy your day - whether it's cheering on your favorite team during the "big game" - or just watching the half time show whilst eating delicious snack food - or whether you are pretending football doesn't exist.  HAVE FUN!


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