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Good morning & happy long weekend!

Because it's both a holiday week and the week of my daughter Marley's Bat Mitzvah, I decided to keep things simple and cancel Quick Dish To Go. Sorry about the late notice, y'all. There's so much going on this week, and my husband Dan & I have both fallen ill with colds. All week long Dan was like, I'm fighting it off and my immune system is amazing - I'm strong like a bull. Well, guess who woke up absolutely miserable today? As for me, I have more of a mild cold / allergy thing going on. While I don't feel my best, I'm definitely better than Dan. We have three events planned for today. Our friend Caitlin's birthday brunch this morning followed by popping into my parent's house for my dad's homemade pizza, which will turn into a few hours of obsessing / prepping for the Bat Mitzvah next weekend. Then we were going to meet friends in Marin to see a band tonight. I'm going to be flying solo with Marley all day while Dan stays in bed. I think by tonight I won't want to trek out to Marin to see music, but I'm staying open to the possibility because maybe I'll feel differently.

Remember a month ago my car died while I was out delivering food? This week our fridge started to die (is mercury in retrograde?). It was so scary - worse than the car because the repair guy who came here to assess the situation told us it was going to be $1200 to fix, and that it would take 10 days to get a new main control board to replace the broken one. We tried to stay calm, but we were freaked out. When we remodeled our kitchen several years ago, we bought everything off of Craigslist, which allowed us to buy really nice appliances at greatly reduced prices. Our beloved fridge is one of those built in double door numbers - it's 48" wide - and it makes my catering life so easy. I can fit so much in there, and it would be really hard to replace it right now. Dan can build and fix many things, but he's never ventured into the fridge world. In the spirit of saving us money, time & sanity, he dove deep into an online home fridge repair research vortex, and figured out how to fix it. He called whirlpool and it turned out they had a new control board for our model, which they overnighted to us, and which Dan replaced yesterday before he fell ill. It was a major job though - just getting that fridge out from it's home took him a really long time. Then we decided to clean the heck out of it, and also paint the panel doors since they were looking really old & worn out. They never quite matched with our kitchen, and it always bothered us. So after several hours of repair work, Dan started sanding them down, priming them and then painting them. Now they are looking so good and so new and so fresh - better than ever, actually. Hopefully, after a day in bed Dan will be good as new as well.

We need our health & wellness to return asap because next weekend is going to be nuts. On Friday we decorate the venue for the party the next day, and then head off to services at Temple followed by a dinner on Clement Street for all the out-of-towners. On Saturday - the big day - we will rise early so that we have plenty of time to primp and prep for the Bat Mitzvah - and make it to the Temple by 9:00am to do some pictures beforehand. Then the service lasts almost two hours followed by a bite of bagel and challah before we head over to the party venue. The party will consist of a dj, a photo booth, a taco bar and make-your-own-sundaes and tons of fun. Our cousins & out-of-towners don't want the party to end so my parents are hosting a dinner that night after the Bat Mitzvah. On Sunday morning, we are hosting a brunch here for about 25 people. It's just bagels, fruit, coffee, etc, but it's still a lot of work to get the house ready and entertain, ya know? It doesn't end there though, you guys. Our friend's band - Creeper Lagoon - is making it's triumphant return to the stage next Sunday night at 11pm, which of course we are going to because this is their long awaited two city reunion tour. So that's why I have to take next Monday off as well. I'm barely going to be alive on 2/27. At almost 47,000 years old, that's a lot for me. I need to be fresh to cook for you guys again. Hang in there and enjoy President's Day week. Can't wait to tell you all about the big event next Sunday morning over coffee.  


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