QDTG Newsletter

Hey there & happy 4th of July holiday!  The city is so quiet this weekend... I think everyone has cleared out except for us.  Ok, a few of my friends are still in town, but many are gone.  I'm going to try the Friday night QDTG this week as a test run, and see how it goes.  I thought this week might be a good time to start since it is a very slow time.  If it goes well, I might be able to do this once or twice a month. Every Friday I deliver lunch for about 10 people to Bandago Van Rental (best van rental place in the area for family excursions, group travel, etc - I've rented from Bandago before - so awesome).  And some Fridays I prep for weekend catering, which makes Fridays very busy.  But on the Fridays that I only cater lunch, I think I can pull off making a few dinners.  I won't be able to make 20 meals, but maybe 8 or so...  I just don't know yet. This is an experiment so please bear with me while I figure out a few things.  The things that I think about are how to organize all the shopping & the prep & the delivery in addition to all the other things I have to do.  These are the things that plague me when I change up my schedule. Sometimes the figuring out & the organizing are the hardest parts, right?  Once I get going and I'm in the groove, it's easy and it just flows.  Like most of my business ideas, this one comes from my friend Naomi. She's my business coach - and a tough one at that - but she's pretty brilliant.  She's been wanting me to do this for months & months.  This is a great way to entertain on a Friday night - invite some friends over & double your order - and voila, dinner is served and it's so easy.  You just need a simple green salad, have your guests bring dessert and wine and you're done.  And if you have leftover challah, you can make french toast the next day. How great is that?  Everyone knows that challah makes the best french toast.  Leftover chicken?  Make it into chicken salad and serve it on top of salad greens for a fresh & healthy lunch on Saturday or Sunday.  Friday meals will have a slightly higher cost of $70.

This weekend so we don't kill each other, we are painting the bathroom.  Did I just say that?  What I mean is, so we don't drive each other crazy with no kid here and oodles of time spent together, we need a house project.  This has been our tradition for five years now since our daughter is always at overnight camp during the 4th.  We do different home projects every year, and it's fun and gratifying.  One year, we redid our daughter's bedroom.  Another year, we built a fence.  One year we spruced up the living room.  Last year we landscaped. This year, we are repainting the bathroom (Benjamin Moore lavender blue).  It needed a serious fluffing.  You know how the bathroom gets with water streaks on the walls and lots of crap on shelves that you don't need anymore. We stripped everything off yesterday and carted all the stuff out and dusted and cleaned.  Then my husband went crazy with the sander and the spackle and then the painting began, and it got really exciting.  It's looking so good and so fresh and when the last of the edging gets filled in today and the paint dries, only half of the crap I had in there is going back in.  As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite ways to reset and renew and refresh is to get rid of stuff.  It just feels so good and it's a very economical way to redecorate. When the bathroom is all done, we are going to reorganize the garage (i.e. get rid of even more junk!), buy some new plants for the backyard and clean up some old paperwork and files and Dan says we can get rid of some of his old clothes.  You don't know what that means to me you guys. It's pretty major.  Dan doesn't like to get rid of anything!  But he's ready, and I am going to strike while the iron is hot and it's going to be amazing.

Have you been to the Alamo Draft House yet?  If not, go right away!  It's so cool - you can eat & drink while watching a movie because waiters come by and take your order so you don't have to wait in line and carry anything back to your seat.  The New Mission Theater has been lovingly restored and has such a great vibe - it's a very special place.  We went there this past week for our 19th wedding anniversary.  Who needs a fancy dinner out when you can watch a movie while eating a vegetarian ruben sandwich made with pastrami beets?  They serve milkshakes, freshly baked cookies, bowls of popcorn with yummy toppings like truffle & parmesan.  And they have a huge drink menu.  And on Friday night I celebrated a friend's birthday at La Urbana on Divis & Grove.  This is a great place - yummy food, delicious drinks, great atmosphere. Can't wait to go back.

Enjoy the long weekend!   


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