QDTG Newsletter

Hey there & happy Sunday!  

One of my nightmares came true this week, y'all. My car died whilst delivering food on Monday! I've thought about this scenario before - I've had anxiety about it - and it actually happened. Luckily, I had finished most of my deliveries by the time it died. I could tell something was wrong on my way over to Todd's house - all the lights on the dashboard were flickering and there was a strange dragging noise on the engine. Normally I park horribly when I deliver - I block driveways (not always yours) or double park on the street (so obnoxious). But since my car was sounding really bad, I pulled into an actual real spot hoping that my car would start up again after I dropped off Todd's food. It didn't, so I panicked and then I called my friend Ashley and she told me she'd pick me up and help me with the rest of the deliveries. Ashley is a saint, and I love her. Her son was in the car and of course I had my dog Guy with me because he's pretty much my assistant / best friend / stalker. We hopped in Ashley's car, which is the same car I have so Guy & I felt very comfortable in it. We actually had lots of fun delivering the rest of the food together, and it brightened my spirits because I was feeling pretty down about the car situation. Ash dropped me & Guy off at the pool to pick up Marley from swim practice, and then I was able to hitch a ride home apres practice with one of the Dad's, Edwin, who is a super duper nice guy. We made it home and ate our vegetarian QDTG cassoulet, and all was ok for the night. The following morning a few miracles occurred. First miracle - my friends Jeremy & Jenny lent me their car for the day so I could do QDTG without a hitch. They are angels sent from heaven, and their generosity made me feel so warm & fuzzy and taken care of in my heart. As you might recall, Tuesday's rain felt kind of biblical. I drove like a grandma, made it back to Bernal in one piece, dropped off the car and walked back home to vegetarian sloppy joe's a la QDTG - another warm & homey meal. The second & third miracles (I sound really religious!) were thus - my husband Dan was somehow able to start up the dead car and drive it to the garage in SOMA. I'm not sure how this one occurred. The third & final one was that it was only the alternator. This was such good news, and we were overjoyed and all is well now in the Steiger home. Shout outs to my friends Annie & Naomi who also offered up their cars to me - more heartwarming feelings!!!! 


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