QDTG Newsletter

Good morning!

For the past two weekends, we've been going to Fort Funston to walk on the beach. Until recently, we hadn't been there in years and had forgotten about what a special place it is. It's so beautiful and dramatic, and you just feel so healthy when you're there with the salt air, the fine mist off in the distance, the walking in the sand and that trudge up the cliff to get back to your car. It's truly invigorating. We've got a little 10 pound possibly 10 year old dog named Guy who is half chihuahua and maybe jack russel. At home, he doesn't walk much - he just compulsively sniffs & marks up everything within a few block radius of our house, and then wants to come home and stare at me and beg for food all day long (the staring is intense). It takes him forever to walk anywhere from our house. It's torture. Well, we brought him to the beach, and he was like a different dog. He flew like the wind down the beach barely stopping to sniff a thing. We were amazed at his energy & speed, and then kinda felt bad that we were crappy dog owners for not taking him there before. Oh well. Being a parent is very humbling sometimes.

Afterwards we tried to go to Devil's Teeth Baking Co. on Noriega & 46th, but the line was ridiculous and we were starving because it was lunch time, and for some strange reason we hadn't eaten yet. So we went to Yonkers Cafe, which has delicious deli sandwiches and pour over coffee and there was no line and it did not disappoint. It's right across the street from the Devil. It would be great to pick up sandwiches there *before* heading to the beach and then having a sandy messy picnic whilst gazing at the surf. Next to Yonkers, there's the coolest store called EstablishSF and it was so inspiring and stylized and has the best vibe inside. The gal who runs it is a graphic designer by trade, and she has incredible taste. It just feels so good to be inside and look around at everything. She also offers the following services: home styling, color palettes, home decorating, art decor, botanical design, consultations & home organization. Her aesthetic is really inspiring. I can't wait to go back there and buy this gorgeous necklace that I couldn't stop staring at - should I go today???? 

Have a great week, and let me cook for you.


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