Good morning, y'all!  

I'm so glad it's February - does anyone else feel that way? January was a tough month, and it's over now - yahoo. On Friday, I dropped off food for a client who was going away for the weekend with her girlfriends, and she put together a lovely menu - Zuni style chicken & farro salad for Friday night and nicoise salmon platter & chopped kale & brussel sprout salad for Saturday - yummy and healthy, right? This is such a good idea. Plan a fun weekend away with your friends and have someone else (me!) do the cooking for you. On Saturday, we went to a beautiful Bat Mitzvah for a family friend and guess what was on the menu at the luncheon? Zuni style chicken, of course, as well as the best farro I've ever had - I think it had braised greens in it - it was so good. They also had salmon, roasted brussel sprouts with smoked brown sugar (omg!!!!!) and crisp lettuce leaves with tomatoes, cucumbers, green goddess dressing with lots of tarragon & sunflower seeds. Oh, and brioche rolls with european butter - I ate two of those - shhhhhhh - don't tell anyone. And the dessert was on the most gorgeous dessert table I've ever seen - everything was pink & gold & yummy and almost too gorgeous to eat. But don't worry, I managed to try everything.

So the menu was perfection and the party gorgeous and fun, but the best part was the service. Ava did an amazing job, and there was a lot of family participation and singing of songs, and I cried pretty much the entire service. What am I going to do in three weeks at Marley's Bat Mitzvah? Am I going to cry the entire time? The answer is probably, most likely & for sure yes. I'm getting prepared. Yesterday was a warm up, if you will. When I'm done writing this newsletter, I have to start writing our parent blessing, which is just a few paragraphs long so it will need to be good. I'll start it and then Dan will finish it off - tighten it up and make sure it's not too sappy. It's not really a speech - more of what you wish for your child. I'm tearing up just thinking about writing it.

And for some comic relief today, enjoy Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on SNL last night. She's my hero. I love her so much - her physical comedy is amazing. And there's a great cameo with Kate McKinnon as Betsy DeVos.

Here's a great weekend meal idea - french bread pizza! Use whatever bread you want but it's best with something sourdough and super crusty. Not to name drop, but I used it on Tartine country loaf. Slice bread & toast in oven for a few minutes until slightly crisp. I had an enormous bag of baby spinach so I sautéed it with onions, garlic & balsamic. I bought a yummy jar of fancy marinara sauce so that was the first layer - a good schmear of it and then lots of spinach and whatever you cheese you have in the fridge (goat cheese & shredded mozzarella in this case). Then put it back in the oven until the cheese is melted and gooey and you just can't wait any longer so you take it out and devour it. This meal has everything you need. And add whatever you want - meat, pesto, leftover veggies - it doesn't matter.  

Have a great week and let me cook for you!


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