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Happy Mother's Day!  

I'm up bright & early this morning - there's no breakfast in bed for me on this special Sunday, but I'm ok with that.  I'm hosting a brunch at my house later on for my parents, my friend Chloe & her family & parents & our bestest family friend Susan.  There will be ten of us, but I just realized I don't have 10 chairs so I think I will put the older generation - there's 5 of them - at the kitchen table.  And then for the 5 younger people, we will sit in the living room.  Since my house is super small, we will all be in close proximity so it's ok. I'm making eggs benedict with lightly fried eggs, sliced tomato & hollandaise sauce along with a potato veggie hash and oven baked bacon (who needs the mess of doing it on the stove?).  My mom is bringing Ina Garten's coffee cake (no nuts - I hope she remembered not to add nuts), which is doubling as my birthday cake.  Chloe's mom Carole is bringing a fruit platter (no bananas - I hope she remembered that as well).  And Chloe is bringing bloody mary's with all the fixings, which might be my favorite part of the brunch - yahoo!  I think I've mentioned Lois & Carole's story before, but I should tell you again.  They met over 50 years ago when they were roommates at Beth Israel Nursing School in Boston.  It's so great that we all emigrated out to the west coast.  Dan & I moved here first and my parents Lois & Jerry moved out here a few years later right before my daughter was born.  Then a few years ago Chloe, Carole's daughter, moved out here with her husband Damon and their dog Winston.  Chloe & I are like sister cousins - we just connect - and that's that.  So when she moved out here, we got really close.  Then Carole & her husband Mike moved out here a little while after that and now we are all here and it's the best.  And I mentioned our bestest family friend Susan - she's also an east cost transplant - originally from Worcester where she grew up along with my parents (and me).  My parents met her at one of the only hip places in Worcester back in the 80's - Coffee Kingdom.  Coffee Kingdom was a real coffee house with cappuccino and espressos and it smelled so good, and if I think really hard about it, I can kind of smell it now.  This guy Mark owned it and he had a lot of dark shaggy hair and it was a groovy spot where cultured interesting people hung out because it had European coffee.  Worcester is a lot of things, but one thing it wasn't in the 80's was cool so Coffee Kingdom made quite a splash. My parents started going there because my dad Jerry is a real coffee head and they used to sell my mom's carrot cake and cheesecake because in addition to being a nurse and a mom of three, Lois used to have a baked goods business why not. So that's where my parents met Susan Sharfman who was home visiting her family - I think they just struck up a conversation and kept in touch when Susan came back to the Bay Area.  So here it is like 30 something years later, and we celebrate almost every holiday with Susan.  She is our close family friend or bestest family friend as I like to say.  Oh, and Susan is in her early 80's and so freakin' cool - I adore her.  And I should tell you that both Lois & Carole are still working as nurses in their 70's.  So that's what is happening today - brunch at our house with super amazing moms of all kinds.  

And then there's my 46,000th birthday on Thursday - what a week!  What will I do on Thursday?  Well, you know I am not working so that's a great way to start off the day.  I will go to an early morning yoga class, get my nails done, get a cheap massage at Happy Feet and just basically do whatever the heck I want - maybe a little shopping in the afternoon.  At night my friends are taking me to Foreign Cinema for dinner, which is going to be wonderful. On the eve of my bday - Wednesday - we are having a family dinner in the Mission - probably at Mateo's Taqueria.  I love the idea of celebrating the night before the actual day. And on Friday I am headed out to Tahoe for the weekend with some girlfriends and that's going to be amazing.  I usually throw myself a big birthday bash every year, but this year it will be nice & small & intimate and in Tahoe.  I'm going to keep the menu super simple - pork tacos with tangy cabbage salad & pickled onions along with guacamole, queso & chips.  And to drink - palomas - a grapefruit & tequila cocktail which is pink & pretty.  I AM SO EXCITED.  So it's a week of celebrating which makes me really happy.  I have planned and executed almost every single birthday ever since I was about 18 years old.  My theory is that you should have the birthday you want - not what someone else wants for you. If you haven't tried this before - give it a whirl - you won't be disappointed.  This is a sure fire way to have exactly the celebration you want.

I'm making two popular meals on Tuesday so order both if you want and have dinner for two nights delivered right to your door. Then you don't have to think about what to serve your family for at least 2 evenings this week, which is pretty awesome.  

And Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  You deserve to celebrate today in any way you want because you work so hard all year long for everyone else.  Have fun celebrating - you deserve it!


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