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Happy Sunday, y'all!  

It's been an epic weekend around here, and we've had a house full of people - there's even a tent pitched in the backyard.  My husband Dan has been reliving his 20's, and put together a musical weekend of friends, concerts, parking lots and late nights.  Dead & Company (former Grateful Dead members plus new musicians - woohoo!) finished off their summer tour in Northern California (Wheatland Friday & Mountain View Saturday). Dan never plans anything like this so it was a huge deal for him, and we talked about it obsessively for weeks & weeks.  First there was a Facebook discussion page followed by a Facebook invite.  A few of his old friends from back east were able to come out for the big weekend, and a few of his SF friends were able to join in on the festivities.  Yesterday we had a super fun backyard bbq party (we moved the tent) with lots of food & drinks, and a huge party van was rented for the drive down to Shoreline (thanks, Bandago Van Rental).  I almost went to the show at the last minute - if for nothing else than to drive in the Sprinter - but then I remembered that I'm really not into that music and stayed home instead.  At the bbq everyone was reliving concert experiences, and I had one to share as well.  It was the summer of '87 (I was 17), and my cousin Jimmy Glickman invited me to party with his friends at the Dead at Foxborough Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.  Oh man - it was unforgettable - but not in the fun way.  I was so out of my element, and so tweaked out. Jimmy & his friends "took care" of me by showing me our bleacher seats, and they were like, Rachel, don't move from here - we'll be back later - just don't move.  So I stayed in our row and freaked out for several hours until they all returned.  They, of course, went down onto the floor to really enjoy themselves while I had a several hours long panic attack.  Turns out Dan was at that concert, too, but we hadn't met yet (we met a few years later in '90), and so were a few of our bbq guests so that's kind of cool. Dan & company had an awesome weekend, and I'm so glad he planned this - I hope he plans more events in the future because it turns out he's pretty good at it (with a  little help from me).  


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