QDTG Newsletter


Hi & Happy Sunday!  

So much stuff to tell you guys.  

First of all, I'm adding Mondays to QDTG, which is super duper exciting because let's be honest who wants to cook on Mondays? I do!  For the past 5 years I've had a very steady & very loyal Monday gig cooking for a lovely family who have become my friends (shout out to Julie L. & fam).  Now they are ready to sprout their wings and cook a little more.  So I have Mondays available, and I think it's going to be a great addition to the QDTG lineup.  Now you have the opportunity to have a delicious homemade dinner delivered straight to your door three days a week! I debated doing Friday night dinners over the summer, but you know what?  That just doesn't work for me so well. I Know you all would love it, but since I cater lunch every Friday and because I often cater on the weekends, it's just too much.  And let me tell you what we do on Friday nights in this house?  NOTHING.  I'm really not allowed to make any family plans - I can make my own plans if I want to go out - but as a family it has been requested that we just hang out and do nothing. Sometimes we get takeout or eat leftovers or make something frozen from Trader Joe's.  We usually watch a movie and then that's it, I actually really look forward to it.  It's our own version of shabbat minus the roasted chicken, the challah & the candles.  Hey, we live in modern times and can interpret customs however we see fit, right?    

Ok, cousin Tori's wedding was totally amazing.  My mom's family is full of cousins - basically, it's all cousins - and we all really love being together.  We stayed in NYC for a night and then took the train to White Plains for the weekend where it was a cousin love fest for two days straight - so much fun.  Tori is 38 and a dedicated doctor in NYC, and she waited a long time to find a wonderful guy named Bruce who is 42 and is smart cute & totally in love with Tori.  They met on match.com and they could not be any cuter.  You know what's cool about waiting till you're 38 to get married?  You really enjoy your wedding!  Tori looked absolutely stunning and seemed to enjoy every single second of the entire wedding weekend.  I don't think I've ever seen a happier or more beautiful bride. Their wedding was held at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, which I had seen on tv during a Top Chef episode a few years ago.  Check it out - I can't describe it and do it the justice it deserves.  The grounds & buildings are breathtaking and the gardens inspired & magical.  The menu was insane - that is, insanely delicious.  The service was like nothing I had ever experienced (my mom tells me it is just like the French Laundry).  We all danced and laughed and celebrated and had the best time.  The only bummer for me is that I forgot my good hairbrush so when I went to blow out my hair it only stayed smooth for about an hour before it frizzed out and looked bad.  Oh well.  Oh, and there's another thing which sort of sucked and that was taking the red eye.  Never again.  Never.  

We are having friends for dinner tonight, and here's what's on the menu - they are vegetarian, which works great for us: * lentils & crispy rice w/caramelized onions * annie's ottolenghi inspired roasted whole eggplant with greek yogurt & pomegranate seeds   * roasted & spiced delicata squash rings * simple green salad * fruit & chocolate for dessert  

Have a great week and let me cook for you!


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