QDTG Newsletter

Happy Sunday!

I hesitate to start this week's newsletter off negatively, but did anyone get stuck in traffic on Thursday during the 4/20 "celebration" like I did? It was awful, you guys. They closed off whole blocks of streets! I was in the car for three hours so by the time I picked up my daughter at Lake & Arguello streets, I was a monster. Then we had to trek back home and there was still residual traffic. I didn't hear a word she said in the car because I had totally shut down. I need to remember this for next year. I need to cancel anything happening that afternoon / early evening because there is no reason that could possibly be important enough to put myself through that again. I pretty much went straight to bed at 7:30 and told everyone to leave me alone. I'm a real joy to live with, huh?  

I keep seeing recipes & photos on Instagram of the most beautiful buddha bowl meals, which is basically a big bowl full of the healthiest & most colorful foods all put together in a really pretty way. They look so enticing and magical. Like, maybe they could even change your life if you eat them all the time. There's usually a grain on the bottom and then it's topped with all kinds of veggies like shredded purple cabbage, pickled shredded carrots, gorgeous slices of avocado, roasted & spiced chickpeas and shredded kale and a fabulously tasty dressing. I want to start eating more of these, especially on the weekends when I'm burnt out on cooking. There are so many combinations, and I found some great recipes to help inspire me. The trick is having lots of the ingredients on hand so you can easily put them together. Stock the fridge with fresh & crunchy veggies - some of the stuff you could buy at the market already washed & chopped like carrots & cabbage & kale - this would make it super easy. Make a big pot of grains like brown rice or quinoa and just keep it in the fridge all weekend. Have cans of beans in your cabinets so that you can easily add a protein if you don't have any tofu, chicken or salmon. Always have avocado, tomatoes, fresh lemons for dressing, some toasted nuts for the top and maybe some yummy crumbly cheese. You could use your leftover roasted chicken, or flake leftover salmon or fry an egg to put on top of it. The possibilities are endless, and I'm super excited to make one tonight for dinner. If I made a mexican version, everyone in my house would be so happy to eat it. It's springtime, and I feel inspired.

I just found a great way to clean jewelry - not the real kind - the fake kind. Brass jewelry looks so pretty when you first get it, but it tarnishes so quickly and then you never want to wear those cool bangles again because they look dull and not at all shiny.  All you have to do to polish it is drop it in a container full of ketchup. Yup. Ketchup. Smother it in ketchup and within seconds that beautiful brass luster returns. Looks like new, I promise. Apparently, it's a great way to clean silver as well. Here's a link to lots of jewelry cleaning hacks with stuff you can find in your kitchen. 

Have a great week and let me cook for you! 


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