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Hey there, y'all!

Yesterday we went to a pool party for our friend Chloe's birthday, and she served the best food!  Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and potato chips & dip and fun drinks. Isn't that a great menu?  It was delicious, you guys.  And so easy.  And perfect by the pool.  And of course it didn't hurt that someone else made the food - everything tastes better when someone else makes it - especially peanut butter & jelly.  We've all been working so hard lately and after getting up early once again to do some catering yesterday, it was such a delight to get into the car and drive over the Bay Bridge for an afternoon of swimming, eating and hanging out.  Everyone had their own chips & dip so we could just sit in our lounge chairs and not get up every time we had to dip our chips.  This was such a brilliant idea, and I'm definitely going to steal it from Chloe.

Today my husband Dan is going to bike to Mill Valley to his boss' house for the yearly party.  Do you remember when we went last year, and it was so hot out and by the time we arrived at his house we were all arguing in that dysfunctional family way when you're not really mad at anyone in particular, but you are just annoyed all around so you yell at your loved ones?  Well, we are avoiding that this year because Dan is going alone - yahoo!  And also because my daughter has to volunteer this afternoon as part of her bat mitzvah program, and someone needs to drive her to & fro.  There are a bunch of different ways to volunteer, and she chose to help cook food for families who have very sick kids, and are staying at Family House (it's like the Ronald MacDonald House). We toured Family House a few weeks ago, and it's an amazing place - they just moved to Mission Bay to a beautiful new space.  I volunteered to drive the prepared food, which will be made at the temple, over to Mission Bay afterwards because we are driving back to this side of town anyway. I'm happy I can be involved a little bit.  Food is such comfort, isn't it?  It's a really easy way to make someone feel better.  This past week I dropped off some food for a mom I know from my daughter's school - we are not close friends - but I've known her for 7 years.  She just went into the hospital a few days ago for a bone marrow transplant because she has leukemia.  She doesn't have an easy life, but she always has a smile on her face.  She was going into the hospital the next day for several weeks, and she had been out all day - at the DMV, voting early, at the laundromat, etc.  She was just taking care of business and getting things done. It really struck me just how brave and functional a person she is.  She's remarkable.  

Have a great week - enjoy the beautiful weather today!


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