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You know how when you wake up late, you're late all day. Well, that's how I felt all last week.  I couldn't seem to shake it, but I think I'm back on track now.  I've been laying low all weekend so that when Monday comes, I'm ready with lots of energy & focus.  After doing a little work around the house & yard yesterday, we spent several hours watching a new show on HBO called "The Night Of" - have you watched it yet?  It's so good - totally riveting from the get go.  Our daughter was out for the evening so we binge watched several episodes (I'm embarrassed to tell you how many).  Since we didn't want to break the flow, we decided to have popcorn for dinner, and it was a great move (totally legit food group - a whole grain with lots of fiber). We were in freakin' heaven.  It felt so good to just veg out for several hours.  Of course we had plans to go on a date and walk somewhere and eat some yummy food in the Mission and be outside with other human beings.  But we got sucked into this show and then it started getting dark and we were like, who needs to go out when we have everything we need right here.  Also, I think I slept a million hours last night so it was an extremely healthful and beneficial afternoon/evening.

Now that school has started, here are some easy dinner ideas for the nights I don't cook for you.  I've probably mentioned them before, but we all need reminding now & again:  

* Boxed tomato soup, quesadillas & steamed broccoli - my fave boxed tomato soup is TJ's roasted tomato & pepper - this dinner is always a hit no matter what

* Rice & beans & salad - make some easy black beans by sautéing onions & garlic & adding some mexican spices & letting the liquid cook off.  I like to make a layer of rice, a layer of beans & top it with salad - it's delish & healthy & kind of like a taco salad

* Doctor up a frozen pizza - jazz up a frozen pizza with sautéed kale or veggies or caramelized onions, add some extra cheese & top with fresh arugula drizzled with balsamic when it comes out of the oven. And voila, a gourmet pizza at home  - serve with a tomato & basil salad

* Easy fish tacos - get frozen battered fish (TJ's has several kinds - they are all good) - bake in oven and serve with warm tacos, shredded cabbage & carrots (you can buy them already shredded in store), salsa, chopped avocado & my favorite topping - TJ's jalapeño tartar sauce   These dinners can be ready in about 30 or so minutes - use a few pre-made items & chop a few fresh veggies & you will all be happy!  

And here's something scary that's been on my mind this week - I can see shades of teenager in my daughter.  It's been subtle, but it's lurking and I need to up my game. More on this story as it unfolds - stay tuned! 


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