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Hey there & happy beautiful Sunday morning!  Are you guys psyched about the weather?  It's been bad, right?  So bad.  I think Friday it hit a new low - dreary all day except for maybe 20 minutes in the afternoon when I stuck my head outside (with no sunscreen!) to get some vitamin D, which I desperately needed because I was on the brink of a profound weather related seasonal affective disorder depression.

I'm writing this later than usual because I had to cater earlier this morning.  Here's a great recipe for a very special baked cinnamon french toast from Smitten Kitchen. What you do is make cinnamon toast in the oven the night before.  Then you layer it in a buttered casserole dish and pour over an egg, milk & vanilla mixture.  Press the cinnamon toast down so that the egg mix gets absorbed into the bread.  Cover it & put in fridge overnight.  The next morning all you have to do is sprinkle it with more cinnamon sugar and pop it in the oven for 30 minutes. It's so good and so easy.  My client/friend Julie loves Smitten Kitchen, and is always forwarding me the best recipes from there.  If you haven't looked around it before, go there right away and prepare to start drooling on your keyboard. Deb Perelman, the gal behind Smitten Kitchen, is a beautiful writer and a fabulous cook and blogger and cookbook author and a very inspirational person.  I follow her on Instagram - she's wonderful!  

We pretty much finished landscaping our yard yesterday. Last spring we built a patio, which was 11 years in the making!  Seriously, it was.  It took a long time and a ton of effort to convert our yard into a stone patio with border gardens, and when it was done it was a dream come true.  I was so thrilled with the outcome.  Then last summer we landscaped the border gardens and planted a bunch of low water grasses.  Because of the drought, we didn't water it that much and some of the grasses didn't do well during the year even though we had such a wet winter.  So this week we bought a bunch of replacement plants, and went crazy on the yard yesterday.  Now it looks awesome, and it was so gratifying.  We just love doing projects around the house.  The more projects we do together, the happier we are.  We save tons of money by doing it ourselves, and it doesn't hurt that my husband can build and do electrical and plumbing and paint and loves doing this kind of stuff.  I am his helper, and I've learned all kinds of skills over the years.  We have a few more little projects to do and then everything should be tight & right and we can relax a little bit around here.


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