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Fitbit & Sleep Packing Tips RHONY Reunion Part 2 

Hey there, y'all!

I slept 9.5 hours last night, which is totally mind blowing.  I know how much I slept and how many times I woke up (twice) because my fitbit tracks my sleep. Normally, this fact depresses me.  In fact, I had to reset my sleep goal from 8 hours to 7 hours so I would meet it more often, and stop feeling like a failure.  Anyway, the sleep tracking is one of my favorite things about the fitbit because even when you wake up really tired and not in the mood to get up and start your day, you take a look at the app and you're like, I got 7 hours of sleep so I'm good to go. So today when I got up and saw the glory of my slumber, I immediately became ecstatic.  It's going to be a great freakin' day!  And the reason I slept so much last night is that I had a big catering gig yesterday, and worked really hard for several hours and was totally exhausted last night.  Here's the menu from the event - a tribute to a client's father who loved old timey classic comfort food:

mini mac & cheese cups mini shepherd's piessausage rolls bbq chicken meatballs roasted shrimp cocktail crudite platter w/green goddess dip  

After I dropped off the food (with my daughter's help, which was awesome because she did lots of schlepping to & from car - yay), we popped by my parents house to see them before their big trip to Italy.  Marley & I sat on the bed while my mom went over everything she's bringing, and it was so fun to watch her pack.  I have to say, she did an awesome job with her clothing choices (way to go, Lois Jacobs).  And she's got this really cool rectangular plastic board for folding shirts (the kind they use in stores), and everything looked perfectly folded and I kind of want to get one. And then she used ziplocs to organize things in her luggage - for scarves, undergarments, socks, etc.  You know how you're always hunting for something in your luggage, and it's so maddening when you can't find it?  The ziploc thing is super handy, especially when it's a vacation where you're on the go and visiting lots of places and you pretty much never unpack your bag.  So there you go, a packing tip from Lois to you!  

Feel free to skip this part, but I feel compelled to talk about The Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part Two.  I just need to get it down on paper so I can collect my thoughts because I have so many swirling through my head right now.  Ok, I know Luann is super gross with her fiancé Tom.  Like, super duper gross.  She gloated and was so full of herself and so entitled and offended everyone around her regarding her engagement.  I know all this, ok?  But I can't help but feel a little badly for her.  Like, this is what she's settling for?  A cheating lying desperate scoundrel.  It sounds like I'm talking about Luann only I'm talking about Tom so I guess what I'm saying is they are one in the same and totally deserve each other.  But I want more for Luann so I feel badly.  She can do so much better.  And in case you don't watch this crap, Tom also dated her castmates/friends Sonja and Ramona, which means that he only dates women on the upper east side and is desperate to be on Bravo.  I guess I have to mention Bethenny next.  Ugh.  I can't stand her.  I really can't.  You know that brand "skinny girl" - she owns it - and I think she must own part of Bravo because every scene Bethenny is in has skinny girl in the background.  She's definitely a producer, which I think is shady and gross.  I actually think she's as gross as Luann but in a different way.  Like, who tells a friend that her fiancé was caught kissing a playmate at the Regency Hotel on camera whilst wearing nothing but a string bikini and then guzzles half a bottle of vodka? Who does that?  Bethenny does.  Everything she does, she does for ratings and that's grubby and greedy and gross.  And I could go on & on because she's so full of hate and thinks because she's being honest, she gets a free pass.  Ok, who's next?  Sonja, I guess.  Well, she started off the season as a really sad sack, but then she quit drinking and now she looks stunning and dewy and fresh and is actually making sense and that is wonderful.  Yay Sonja Morgan (ex-wife of JP Morgan).  The only thing that upset me about Sonja at the reunion was when she talked about Dorinda and drugs.  And this is where it gets a little murky, but I think all the housewives got together beforehand and decided "not to go there" and talk about drug use amongst the cast.  Sonja broke the pact and then Dorinda got upset and was like, I don't do drugs.  Ok, whatever.  I don't want to believe that about Dorinda because I really love her.  She's a good and loyal friend and she was kind of a busy body this season, but I love her.  And should she drink less martinis?  Probably.  And should she dump her gross boyfriend John?  Probably. But she gets a free pass because she's genuine, and she looks amazing in short hair.  Carole, who normally has fantastic fashion sense, looked like the bride of Frankenstein and that was a bummer.  I was really disappointed in her this season because she's aligned herself with Bethenny too much, and she got kinda mean which is not who she really is.  Carole, dump Bethenny - she's bad for you.  Ramona is really hitting her stride this season.  She's divorced and free and wacky and crazy, but I've never seen her this happy.  She was, however, super dramatic and narcissistic when she found out about Tom  cheating on Luann so she needs to go to therapy to learn how to be there when a friend needs her instead of turning everything back to her and her problems and her past and her husband cheating and her divorce.  Oh, and lose the extensions because they are super duper trashy.  And last but not least Jules, the newest and most fragile housewife.  I'm not going into her eating disorder struggles because that's painful and private.  But this is what I'll say - she looked amazing and healthy and a lot more confident at the reunion.  I'm glad she's getting a divorce from that cheating midget Michael, but I'm sad her family is falling apart because that's tragic.  I can't wait to see what's next for her. I hope she can rebuild her life and come out better in the end.  It might take a long time, but Jules hang in there. - you can do it.  

And on that note, I wish you all a great week!  Part three of the reunion is on Wednesday - can't wait!!!!!!!


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