Hey there!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday week celebrating, vacationing and hanging out with loved ones.  I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted.  Our Christmas Eve open house party was super fun.  Christmas breakfast with Jenny & family was delicious & wonderful.  Yesterday we had a big extended family lunch in Jack London Square at Lungomare, which is a great restaurant right on the water and perfect for a celebration.  I've been there lots of times because my parents live a few blocks away, and I always love my meal. But after so much partying and eating - I feel bloated & tired.

Now it's Sunday, and reality is setting in because the work week is about to start up again.  I feel like I have been cleaning constantly, and it's driving me crazy.  And in turn, I am driving my family crazy. With all of us home this week, the house is such a mess.  Everyone is leaving all their crap around and no one is helping me with dishes or by picking up after themselves and they are always hungry.  It's like they live at a hotel and they just wait for room and/or maid service to arrive every day to bring them food and clean up after them.  I'm sick of it!  

Something super sad happened last week you guys.  My car broke down - my beloved Honda Element - my QDTG mobile!  At first it was stalling and revving up and it was really freaking me out, but not enough to take it to the shop because that would have been the responsible adult thing to do.  My husband and I convinced ourselves it was all the rain.  But when it started to overheat when I was dropping off one of my daughter's friends, I knew I was in trouble.  So what did I do? I turned on the heat because this cools off the engine somehow when it's overheating (I don't understand why but I know this works).  So I cranked up the heat, and then I called my husband at work in a panic because what else is there to do.  And he was like, Rach, this doesn't sound good.  And I was like, yeah Dan, I know.  Luckily, his favorite mechanic (not the one I usually go to in Bernal) was around so we turned onto Van Ness because believe it or not this was the most direct route to get to J&L Automotive on Howard & 12th.  OMG, Van Ness in the late afternoon on any day is so awful but it seemed particularly bad being in an overheating car.  Somehow we made it there (it felt epic), which was a Christmas miracle and Joe was like, you have no coolant.  And I was like, what????  I won't bore you with the horrifyingly expensive details, but basically I need a new engine.  Oh, and new brakes, too.  But that's not the worst of it.  So my daughter, our dog Guy and I walked around the corner to get an uber and while I was checking the app on my phone a crazy lady walked by me and pinched my tush and said thank you to me. I yelped out some inappropriate curse words, of course, and looked even more crazy & more hormonal than I normally do.  My daughter Marley was like, I knew she was insane when she was walking towards us and I was like, I didn't even see her and she was like, yeah because you were on your phone.  So then she was like, this is going to be a funny story to tell.


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