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Happy Sunday and apologies for no QDTG tomorrow! 

I was trying to think about how I could pull off cooking for you all tomorrow, delivering all that food and then getting back here in time to host friends & kids for dinner and fun at 5:00.  And I just couldn't figure out the logistics so I can't do it and I'm sorry.  I'll be back to Mondays next week - I promise.  I was so thrilled last week when lots of you wrote to me and said you hated cooking on Mondays and then proceeded to order meals. Thanks for the support - it means so much to me.  So instead of working tomorrow I am going to get a lot of stuff done around here.  Obviously, I'm going to prep dinner which will be Caitlinn's Cornmeal Crust Pizzas & Caesar Salad.  I'll use those viccolo cornmeal crusts (they also have gluten free, which will be great for my friend RJ) and then fill them with all kinds of delicious ingredients.  Combinations for adults like fig jam, goat cheese & caramelized onions and roasted red onion, zucchini, goat cheese, mozzarella & walnuts. And stuff for kids like store bought pesto & sliced cherry tomatoes and the classic cheese & pepperoni.  And everyone loves caesar salad - even picky 7th grade girls so that will be the veggie. And those pizzas stay crispy so when the kids get home and they want another slice, it will still taste delish.  Use my idea - go to Trader Joe's today, buy the crusts, pick out some yummy fillings and get all the makings for caesar salad.  Such an easy & delicious dinner.

To drink I'll be serving Apple Cider Pomegranate Moscow Mules because they are seasonal and delicious.  And it's easy to make them alcohol free - just omit the vodka.  I'm getting super excited for Halloween!  Every year after dinner my friend Raquel & I sit on our steps and hand out candy & have a drink (or two!) and catch up on life whilst we ooh & aah over the neighborhood kids.  It's a tradition I really look forward to, but I'm worried about the rain tomorrow night...  

I've mentioned before that I love watching this show on the Food Network called The Kitchen, which is kind of cheesy but I get the best ideas from it.  I had a bunch of episodes to catch up on and there was one called Weeknite Warrior which has so many great ideas for easy weeknight meals.  For instance, they did a whole thing on elevating store bought pizzas - this one is a no brainer.  It's actually something I like to do on a Friday night when you're tired and you want to eat something like takeout but you don't want to wait 75 minutes for greasy chinese food delivery.  And then there's a great way to make steak fajitas in the oven - a sheet pan dinner - so easy - looks really good - can't wait to try.  A healthy & yummy thai inspired chicken & veggie stir fry that was making my mouth water where you buy pre-cut veggies, which saves several minutes of prep time.  

I've heard people talk about this cooking newsletter from Sam Sifton who is the food editor for The New York Times, and I finally signed up for it.  I don't know why it took me so long to do this, but it doesn't matter because now I'm receiving it and I feel special.  It's called What To Cook This Week, and it comes to your email inbox a few times a week.  You'll feel very cultured, and in the know because it's from The New York Times.  He also gives suggestions on what to read & what to watch, and he's got a really great writing style that is informational, conversational, stylish & sophisticated.  I'm trying to emulate him today. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  

It's rainy & gloomy and I'm going to make soup today - thai curry pumpkin soup - I'll riff off this recipe and use canned pumpkin instead of chopped fresh squash and most of the other ingredients.  

Happy Halloween y'all! 


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