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Happy New Year, y'all!  

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season, and are ready for a brand new year to begin. I read this cool thing the other day about making resolutions and how they pretty much set you up for failure because most of them are just too hard to keep for very long because they tend to be extreme. So instead it's better to think of it this way - every day is a chance for a new beginning - to resolve to do things differently if you aren't happy with the way things went the day before. I love this so I'm adopting it as my new mantra. I keep repeating it to the people in my life, and they are probably sick of me saying it already. It really struck a cord with me though because it's very simple and very easy to do. Every day you get a fresh start and a new beginning - how great is that?  

I spent the last day of the year taking good care of myself, which is going to set me up for a great year ahead. I got up super early to do a Facebook live yoga class with this yoga teacher I follow on Instagram who I really love. I cleared the coffee table out of the living room, laid down my mat and did my first ever online exercise class. It was a little klutzy - not so much like practicing in a yoga studio - not at all... But I got to take a class with someone far away whom I admire. Then I went for a long walk. When I came home I made a strong cup of coffee and made a delicious breakfast with Tartine bread, a little mayo, smashed avocado, chopped avocado, salt & a drizzle of olive oil. (This fancy food store in Bernal is selling Tartine bread now, and you can sign up ahead of time to reserve a loaf every week and enjoy it all week long.) After breakfast I went through my closet and gave it a quick cleaning and purging and refolding, which felt great. I always do this at the end of the year - I can't start off the year with my closet in disarray. Then I went to Kabuki Spa and did some pampering treatments for the rest of the day. I came home and made a quick dinner and then hunkered down in front of the tv for the night, which is exactly what I went to do every New Year's Eve. I would have slept through midnight if it wasn't for all the firecrackers going off outside my house so I got to do it all - go to bed early and also be awake at midnight - it was perfect. 

Who is ready for QDTG to start up again? I am! I've had a great week off, and I'm so totally ready to cook for you. Since Monday is a holiday, I'll just be doing Tuesday and Thursday this week. Then next week it will be back to Mondays give or take a few weeks here & there for holidays and such.  


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