QDTG Newsletter

Happy long weekend, y'all!

We are going to Port Costa today, and I'm so excited. It's definitely one of my favorite Bay Area destinations. It's off the beaten path so you may have not heard of it. It's a very tiny town on the Carquinez Straight with some really special places like the charming Burlington Hotel and Bull Valley Roadhouse, which is an amazing restaurant (we have reservations for brunch today - yahoo!). There's also a biker bar, a fabulous vintage store called The Compulsive Peddler where I always find something wonderful. When you're there you feel like you are very far away from SF, but you're really not because it's less than an hour away. It's the perfect weekend day destination. Next to the lobby of the Burlington Hotel is the cafe, which serves just a few things that are so out of this world - the best bacon ever, ever, ever - fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee brewed by the cup and flaky biscuits with local honey - all in an old timey setting. If you need to add some cool pics to your instagram feed, head there & snap away. It's one of those places that as soon as you get there you say to yourself that you can't wait to come back because you know it's a really special place. Like, you barely need to step out of your car when you feel the pull to return. It's truly magical...  

Have a great Sunday - no work tomorrow - yahoooooooo!


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