QDTG Newsletter

Happy Sunny Sunday, y'all!

This weather is making me so happy - it's such a nice break from the rain. I'm celebrating the clear skies & mild temps by cleaning stuff out this weekend like the garage, which has gotten into a very bad place with crap everywhere just thrown all over like we don't care. Then some rain has seeped in here & there, and it was feeling so gross and so damp and so filthy. Every time I went down there, which is basically several times a day, I was feeling depressed at the mess. Well, that's over because we cleaned the heck out of it yesterday and ended the clean up with a trip to the dump to get rid of several cans of old paint & our broken microwave. Did you know that you can drop off old electronics & hazardous materials at Recology for free? Yup, it's true. After the dump we went to the Salvation Army and dropped off everything else. We pretty much got rid of an entire stainless steel 4 rack shelving unit full of stuff, which means that everything that was on the floor is now on that free shelf. We don't have to step over anything to get anything, which has been a life long dream / goal of mine since living here. I hope it lasts. Today we are going to clean our sidewalk, which happens to be really big since we live on a corner. We have the tiniest house, but the longest stretch of sidewalk. There's stuff growing everywhere - even mushrooms (gross!) and so much litter and the ivy over the fence is out of control. I can't wait till it sparkles & shines.

I went to a great place for lunch the other day called Souvla on Valencia Street, that my friends have been raving about recently. There are three SF locations, and it's quick Greek food - like, your order comes out in just a few minutes and it's so good. The menu is simple - three fit spired meats and a fabulous vegetable option that you can put on a salad or in a sandwich. My friend Naomi & I had the vegetarian salad that has roasted sweet poatoes, olives, cheese, pea sprouts, walnuts & pickled onions on top of greens, and then we added the chicken to it - OMG - yummers! Can't wait to go back and have wine with dinner, try the greek fries and enjoy some frozen greek yogurt for dessert with baklava crumbles & honey (there are other options, too). This place is a revelation. I guess the location in Hayes Valley has been around for a few years, but the Mission restaurant is new and is in walking distance from my house, which means I will be dragging my family there very soon. 

It's Valentine's Day on Tuesday, which is a QDTG day - yay! Don't go out! I'm making a yummy oreo cookie style truffle for a special treat, and I've kicked up the menu a little bit to make it more fun and delicious. Stay in and let me cook for you!


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