It's early on Sunday morning, and I'm up drinking coffee & getting ready for my second catering gig of the weekend.  It's been really busy in my kitchen the past few days.  Right now I've got a frittata baking away in the oven, and soon I'll be making these delicious little mini tarts with puff pastry, goat cheese, caramelized onions, tomato & basil - yum!

I went to a great pumpkin carving party last night that some friends have been throwing for several years - it was super fun & super delicious.  The menu is brilliant - chili (both meat & veg), cornbread (regular & jalapeño), all the fixings to go on top like cheese, scallions, jalapeños & sour cream and lots of mac & cheese for the kids (& adults!).  Dessert is an amazing chocolate graveyard cake complete with milano cookie headstones.  Guests bring their own pumpkins to carve and at the end of the party candles are placed in all of the finished carvings, the lights get turned off and everyone oohs & ahhs over the glowing pumpkins. Then the kids get their pumpkin medals, and it's so cute.  I have to disclose that last night when the men lit the fire pit, my husband Dan got a little too excited about adding newspaper in a reckless manner so I had to drag him out of there before the backyard lit up in flames.   It was a dramatic exit.

10/24 catering menu for a fabulous 40-something birthday gal - swiss chard gratin w/crostini, spiced lamb meatballs, chicken marbella, parsley rice and greens w/goat cheese, dried crans, candied pecans & raspberry dressing.  This is how you celebrate your birthday - let me cook for you!

10/25 catering menu for a non-profit - goat cheese & tomato mini tarts, bbq chicken meatballs, frittata squares, crudite w/dip, 7 layer bars, lemon bars & fruit platter - a fun, easy & delicious menu for a wonderful cause.

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