Hey y'all!

All I can say about my daughter's 12th birthday party yesterday is that it was epic - the screaming girls, the food, the insanely amazing rainbow cupcakes that my friend Raquel made with unicorn horns, the music, the screaming, the rainbow unicorn piñata, the crazy rainstorm & the screaming.  It took everything out of us, but it was so much fun & so worth it.  My favorite part of a party is always the preparations. I love decorating, setting the table, making the food - basically, making everything look party ready - it's so gratifying.  Lest you think I did it all myself, I did not.  My husband Dan cleaned up the yard (it was heroic), organized the garage (also heroic), hung party lights and decorations and even built a bathroom.  He started building a bathroom downstairs on the bottom deck a few months ago - the project got stalled in the rain - and then over the last few weeks he pretty much finished it.  In true Steiger style, it's not totally done, but it was in great working order last night for the party, which was such a treat for everyone.  When it's 100% done, I will post a picture or two.  It's really rustic looking and has lots of cottage charm and reclaimed wood. I love it.

The rainbow unicorn piñata was beyond.  It was $57 and about 2.5 feet tall. I found this woman Gladys on Yelp who makes them.  She did an amazing job.   Here's her contact info: Gladys Miyahira rainbownpinatas@yahoo.com I picked up the piñata at Mi Lindo Peru restaurant on Mission in Bernal - so easy - I never even sent her a photo of what I wanted - she knew exactly what to do.

I'm entertaining again today because I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, but I got most of the cooking done yesterday when I was prepping for the bday party so I shouldn't have to do too much work.  After all the screaming girls left last night, I partook in my second favorite party activity - I whipped out the vacuum and got it done.  It's even more gratifying for me than decorating.   Here's the menu for this afternoon: * deviled eggs with truffle caviar & chives (make regular old deviled eggs & jazz them up with a little caviar!) * smoked trout pate w/pita crisps (see Martha Stewart recipe for the inspiration) * tahini dip w/crudite (cue the Michael Solomonov interview on Fresh Air) * honey mustard roasted kosher salami (always the most popular food when I make it) * mocha icebox cake parfaits in mason jars (see Ina Garten's recipe for the inspiration) * and to drink - a vodka lemon cucumber cocktail - yum!


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