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Good Morning, y'all!  

Last night I catered a party for some of my favorite friends, Dean & Jeanne, who own FitLocalFit, which comprises of two eco-friendly bespoke gyms - FitBernalFit & FitGlenFit - and a gorgeous yoga studio called Sun Porch Yoga. They held the party at the most fun place ever - Bare Bottle Brewery - right here in Bernal Heights. This place is very cool. They brew several kinds of beer - my favorite is "half samurai" which is a sake wheat ale made with local sake from Sequoia Sake in Bayview. It's crisp & light & refreshing and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to drink another kind of beer there because it's that good. They also brew some non-alcoholic beverages like sun blossom tea kombucha and hibiscus ginger beer, both of which are excellent. They have a rotating schedule of food trucks parked right outside the front door for your dining pleasure. But you can also bring in your own food from home or a restaurant or have me run down the hill and deliver you fabulous catered food. You can bring your kids until 8pm and dogs are always welcome. The place is huge and filled with big picnic tables so there's tons of seating. There's a ping pong table, a skeet ball table and lots of different areas and price points for reserving space there for events. This is a great place to host a party. For instance, FitLocalFit reserved the back lounge for 50 people. There were people who rented a few tables for smaller parties right in the beer hall who brought in pizza and cupcakes. Some people just brought food from home and met up with other families for a casual & easy dinner. You are going to want to host your next party there, or just meet up with friends.

Here's the menu for the party - Dean & Jeanne did an excellent job selecting items that tasted great for several hours AND met the needs of many dietary restrictions (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc!):

tofu satay skewers chicken satay skewers asian turkey burger sliders bruschetta (let people make their own so they stay fresh) tahini dip & crudite orzo salad w/roasted veggies, feta & pine nuts kale salad w/roasted squash, candied walnuts & cranberries

Let me tell you about the turkey burger sliders because these were a  big hit, and gave me lots of ideas for future catering gigs. So Dean was like, can we have turkey burgers sliders and I was like, how about asian turkey burgers sliders with a spicy mayo & pickled cucumbers? And he was like, YES!!!! I ran into a little snafu whilst shopping on Friday afternoon, and I couldn't find slider rolls at either TJ's or Whole Foods. I started to panic, but then I saw mini pita pockets. I never buy these, but they caught my eye - they were so puffy & fresh looking & just the right size. Ok, these are the best slider "rolls" ever because they are not too bready - they are very thin but also sturdy and they never got soggy. They had serious staying power and are the perfect vehicle for mini burgers of any kind because you don't have to slice them all the way through. You snip off a tiny bit of the top and then use kitchen scissors to cut just enough room to slide in the slider fillings. The fillings don't fall out and the top doesn't fall off and you don't need a toothpick to make it stay together. The possibility for fillings are endless - cheeseburgers with shredded lettuce & secret sauce - chili spiced pork burgers with monterey jack & a dollop of guacamole - lentil burgers w/tahini & chopped tomatoes. I'm so excited by pita pocket sliders, and cannot wait to make them again.

Have a great week and let me cook for you.


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