Hey there!

I saw my friend Ashley this week, and we hadn't seen each other in a long time so we had lots to catch up on.  Ashley is a really talented photographer - she took the photos for my website, which I love so much - and she took some amazing photos of my daughter last summer, which look like they were for a magazine shoot - they are so stunning.  Her aesthetic is really cool & arty & I just love looking at her photos.  Ash photographs lots of bar/bat mitzvahs and when the subject of my daughter's bat mitzvah (winter 2017) came up, she had so many great ideas.  We pored over the photos of the various events she's been to, and I got really excited (a photo booth!  henna tattoos!  a candy bar in big glass jars!).  I haven't been to a bat mitzvah in a long time, but at one point in my life I went to one practically every weekend.  And my own was really great and very Jacobs family - i.e. homemade. It was a friday night in Worcester, Mass at Temple Sinai in the spring of '83 and I wore a white Gunne Sax dress (omg) with light pink nylon stockings and red flats (why?).  I don't even know where to begin with that outfit - it was so bad.  Oh, and my hair was short - not a good look when you have a lot of curly frizzy hair and you have a bad haircut.  My mom who is a nurse anesthetist and was one of the only moms I knew at that time in my social circle with a kick ass career also had a little baking business on the side.  She called it "Auntie Lois' Carrot Cake Company".  Of course she catered my bat mitzvah reception except for the ice cream cake, which had to come from Carvel.  There were devil dogs - or whoopie pies as some people call them - so good!  Huge chocolate chip cookies, her famous carrot cake and her famous cheesecake.  It was a dessert smorgasbord of homemade delights.  My older brother Harry was the deejay - he had a huge record collection and all the equipment - and he played plenty of Journey, which was pretty much all I needed to be happy in the music department.  The next night we had a big dinner party at our house, which again featured my mom's awesome cooking straight out of the Silver Palate cookbook, which was pretty much a bible at our house.  We haven't worked out the plan for my daughter's bat mitzvah yet, but I am definitely having Ashley Thompson photograph it!  She came to the hospital the day after my daughter was born, and has just loved her so much ever since.  

You can view Ashley's beautiful photography here

Over the past few weeks I have done some really fun new stuff - a restorative yoga & aromatherapy class (ahhh), a hip hop dance class (oh my) and the SF Girl Scout cookie booth lottery (speechless about that one).  I've attended all these events with friends I made when my daughter was at McKinley Elementary (a gem in SFUSD).  It just warms my heart when I think of all the great friends I made during the six years we were there - many of whom are now at Everett Middle School (another SFUSD gem).  So many fun, hard working, smart & amazing people.  I just love that school, and all that it gave me.  I joke around sometimes that it's like a cult - one that you never leave - and never want to...

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