QDTG Newsletter

Happy Easter!!!!  

I've got a ham in the oven slowly warming up and pretty soon it will be ready to glaze, which let's face it, is the best part of ham. That sweet sticky stuff you brush on top and gets all crackly and caramelized - yum. This past week has been fun - Passover on Monday, which was really festive and delicious and Easter today. I'm super excited for our friends' annual brunch & egg hunt. The food is always terrific, the guests are fun, everyone looks pretty, and I pick jelly beans off of the bunny cake when no one is looking. They're so good because they have cream cheese frosting stuck to them.

Thursday is our dog Guy's two year anniversary of living with us, his forever family. Guy is 10 pounds of love - half chihuahua and possibly half jack russell - very stubborn, horrible breath and a real lover. Guy is from Muttville, which is the best place from which to adopt a dog - best place ever, ever, ever. We think he's 9 or 10, and this is what we've pieced together from his past. He grew up in a condo with a parking garage. We think this because he goes crazy in parking garages - loves to run around them. And he loves long carpeted hallways. We found this out when we started taking him to my parents house. He knew exactly what to do once we arrived - run like crazy in the garage and then bolt down the hallway to their door. He came from somewhere called Wasco, and luckily he was brought up here to Muttville so he could find us and we could find him. Sometimes his love for me is too much. It's true that you can be loved too much. Guy pierces my soul with his unrelenting stares. He gets jealous all the time, and has been rude to house guests. He doesn't give me any space. He always wants to be near me, on me and paid attention to by me. He's kind of like the boyfriend I always wanted in college, but never had. I love him so much and baby talk to him all the time because he's my doggy baby and it's fun to infantilize him. Unlike a child, I can infantilize him forever.  

Have a great week and let me cook for you.


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