QDTG Newsletter

Happy Sunday!

It's still dark outside as I write this. I got up at 5 to prep for a catering gig I have later on today. I'm making latkes - a ton of them - so many that I had to ask my husband to work with me today. I do that every once in awhile when I'm in a panic.  Latkes taste great - they are heavenly.  Making them is pretty awful though.  I can't sugar coat it.  All that peeling & grating & mixing & frying & cleaning. Oy. I'll have a few electric skillets going at once, and some pans going on the stove as well. It will be hectic.  But the party goers are going to be so happy because latkes are love.  So I'll end on that note, and get back to peeling a million pounds of potatoes.  

Have a great week, y'all!  


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