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La Nee Thai Massage Roller skating & high school talk

Good Morning!

I think it's going to be a scorcher today - sunny & hot - oh my! I hope you all have something fun planned.  I've been battling some IT band pain for several weeks, and once I admitted to myself what it was I decided to get a thai massage to help break up some of the knots in my legs.  Oh. My. God. So. Painful.  What can I say except that I got beat up for 60 minutes.  It was so uncomfortable, and the massage practitioner was like, you should have booked a 90 minute session because you need it.  Thai massage is not a relaxing massage - they walk on you, they stretch you out, they get into those tight spots and get to work on getting rid of them by inflicting pain & discomfort.  I've had thai massages before, but this was something different - on a whole different plain, y'all. After Cindy beat the crap out of me, she told me to book another appointment next week so I did because I'm a glutton for punishment. La Nee Thai Massage is on Valencia Street near 25th, and it's clean & quiet & it's $70 for a 60 minute massage.  I also started foam rolling at home, and that hurts almost as much as the massage.  Oh man, it's tough getting old - I have to stay in good shape so I can stand all day long and cook for you guys.  Cooking is very physical - lots of schlepping, lots of cleaning, lots of time on my feet - very little time to relax during the day. There are some days when I never get to sit down until I get in the car to deliver, and then I'm in & out every few minutes.  That's why I wear comfy clothes and look like a frumpy soccer mom when I deliver your food - comfort comes first.  Thankfully, I have a fitbit so it all counts towards my daily goal of steps & active minutes.  I love looking at it and feeling very accomplished at the end of the day - it brings me happiness - helps wash away some of the fatigue I feel.  

Yesterday I went to a fundraiser for my daughter's old elementary school at Church of 8 Wheels, and roller-skated.  This was another omg moment for me this weekend. Roller-skating used to be my life in elementary school. Literally, my life.  Every Saturday after hebrew school, I'd go to SkyLight roller rink in Worcester, and would spend the whole day with my friends rolling around. I'd practice all the time in my driveway, and I ruined several pairs of pants at the knees while I "perfected" my moves.  Well, I don't know where that kid is anymore because in its place is the 46,000 year old me who was so scared and so stiff and was practically quaking in my skates yesterday.  It reminded me of when I went paddle boarding and my legs shook the whole time because I just couldn't relax.  Maybe it was the wooden floor, or the little kids wiping out every few feet around me.  Or maybe it's just me.  But it makes me want to try roller skating on a smooth large surface so I can try to find the old me who felt really free.  I want that feeling back.  I don't like this new quaky shaky feeling at all.  But it wasn't a complete waste of my time because once I stopped torturing myself, I sat down next to my friend Kate (hi Kate R), and while I was sweating profusely we talked about the high school thing. Kate's daughter will be going to high school next year, and has started touring school so it was very informative to chat with her. We will be doing this next year, but it's not too early to start thinking about it.  In fact, this week I'll be going to a Parents for Public School SF high school info night to learn about the process.  I want to make it as stress free as possible so if I start slowly gathering info now, I won't freak out next year.  Or at least that's my plan...     


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