QDTG Newsletter

Happy Sunday!  

Oy, I went to two Passover Seder's this weekend, and I'm exhausted.  If I don't eat another piece of brisket, a matzo ball, gefilte fish and flourless chocolate cake over the next year it'll be okay.  I need to cleanse myself this week, and deflate from the past few days of eating.  If I'm tired from Passover, I can only imagine how the hosts feel.  Passover is the hardest holiday to put on - the holiday where you work so hard to prepare (just procuring the food take a few days), the table takes hours to set, you're up & down all throughout the meal with the different courses and then you clean up broken pieces of matzo for days & days.  It's the holiday that never ends.  Seriously, even a week after your Seder you will keep finding matzo on your floor.  And speaking of matzo, my parents brought homemade matzo last night that was out of this world.  It's like no matzo you have ever eaten.  Think of the thinnest cracker imaginable where you can taste the olive oil & salt in every perfect bite.  It's so heavenly - everyone gobbles it up.  My dad posted a photo of it on instagram all stacked up on a wire rack against a white wall backdrop, and it looked like it was from a cool food blog.  Way to go, Lois & Jerry Jacobs!  

I finally got my act together to post some new photos - yay - I'm so excited!  I mentioned last week that my friends Ashley & Anna of Thompson / Homonnay Photography came over a few weeks ago to do a photo shoot, and here are just a few shots from the session.  They were so fun to work with, and I had a blast.  They were sharpening their food photography skills, and I needed some new catering photos so we were perfectly matched.  I decided to do a salmon nicoise salad because I thought it would photography nicely, and it sure did.  After we did the kitchen shots they photographed my daughter playing guitar, and the pictures are magical.  If you go to their website you can see their work.  They also took some poolside photos of my daughter last summer that look like they are out of a magazine. These gals are getting big time - they even have an agent!

Ashley is my oldest friend here in SF, and she's going to photograph my daughter's bat mitzvah next February and I know the pictures are going to be stunning.  I mentioned a few months ago that she photographs a lot of bar/bat mitzvahs in Oakland at Temple Sinai, and she has a wealth of knowledge about party ideas and fun things to do.  You can check out her work here - she turns every photo into a work of art - her artistic eye and sense of style is what sets her apart from the rest.  If you need family photos of any kind, Ashley is your gal.  


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