QDTG Newsletter

Ok, summer is officially over because school starts back up again tomorrow, and I'm kind of freaking out you guys. We just got back last night from Mexico, I've got a small catering gig this morning, we are back-to-school shopping with my mom this afternoon, and we still haven't cleaned up and put away our camping gear from our trip to Cloverdale, which was only  last weekend but seems like forever ago.  Oh, and my tupperware cabinet is a mess so while I was making coffee at 5:30 this morning, I pulled everything out and it's on my counter, which means that I have to organize it before I start prepping my client's food.  

But before I start racing around so I can do everything I need to do today, let me tell you a little bit about our magical week in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico - this will help me ease back into reality...  Our amazing & wonderful & generous friends, Jeanne & Dean & their daughter Charley, invited us to be their guests at Flora Farms, which is an organic farm right outside of town and which has a renowned restaurant and is also a small resort.  They are owners there, which means that every August they get to spend two glorious weeks in a culinary cottage.  What's a culinary cottage?  It's basically my dream come true. It's this beautifully constructed & exquisitely decorated home with the best kitchen I've ever cooked in.  It has every kitchen appliance that you would ever think of needing, all the great cookbooks, organic produce literally growing beautifully outside every door & window, and all the very best kitchen cooking & baking essentials on hand - EVERYTHING.  One thing I like to take a break from while I'm on vacation is cooking, but not there!  I was so inspired, and had so much fun with Jeanne making delicious & healthy food with freshly picked organic produce - it was pure joy.  We made many wonderful meals, we spent many hours in the pool, we went to a few gorgeous beaches, we shopped till we dropped and we had a blast.  

Here are a few recommendations:   * Eat at Flora Farms - make a reservation - and go there - it's magical. * Go to the Art District in San Jose del Cabo - it's so charming & has great shopping & restaurants. * Eat at La Lupita Taco & Mezcal in San Jose del Cabo's Art District - it's very delicious & not expensive & fun. * Shop at Artesano's in Cabo San Lucas - buy lots & lots of home decor items that you will need to either ship home or bring home in a new suitcase.  * Sneak into the pool area and snag a few empty lounge chairs at the Cabo Azul Hotel (just breeze through the lobby like you are going to eat at Javier's) during happy hour where drinks are two for one and drink a few pina coladas, order some chips & guac and then pass out in a day drinking stupor.  

I'm happy to be home and after I check everything off my to do list today, I'll be ready for school to start and the madness to begin again.  


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