QDTG Newsletter

Good morning & happy Sunday!  

On Wednesday my friends Ashley & Anna came over to do a photo shoot, and it was super fun, super exhausting (it's not easy, y'all) and super cool.  We decided to keep it simple and make something really fresh looking with lots of pretty colors that would pop and photograph beautifully.  We did a riff on salad nicoise with roasted salmon, hard boiled eggs, potatoes, green beans, watermelon radish (so gorgeous & pink), tomatoes, olives, capers & herbs.  The theme was a busy catering kitchen so I had to put together small individual plates.  I can't wait to show you some of the photos and jazz up both this newsletter and my website.  I need some time to do that though.  One thing I've learned is not to do that sort of thing on a Sunday morning in the hopes that I can pull it off in time to send out the weekly email & menu. That's a huge mistake that usually ends in heartache and panic since it takes me so long to reformat anything! One of these days I will get really good at it and be able to pull it off quickly & easily but I am not there yet.  You know how photographers are obsessed with lighting?  It's a huge part of taking fabulous photos - it's all about the lighting.  So Ashley & Anna brought tons of lights over, but since they were shooting in the middle of the day and my kitchen has lots of light, they were able to capture the natural light so beautifully by pulling up the shades and shooting from certain angles. It's really an art, and it was so fun to watch them in action.  They made me feel really comfortable (I am not easy to photograph!!!!!) and I had such a fun time.  That evening my friend Eric came over for dinner, and we ate some of the leftovers which were delicious.  Hopefully by next week the new photos will be posted so you can ooh & aah over them.  

I'm making salmon on Thursday, but I want to buy it Wednesday afternoon. So if you are ordering the Thursday meal, you must order it by Wednesday at noon.

Here's a great Passover menu that a client ordered for her holiday meal - it's not too heavy like jewish food tends to be - and it's perfect for spring! * Chicken soup with matzo balls * Brisket * Mashed potatoes * Green beans with herbed butter & lemon * Simple green salad with french vinaigrette * Flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream


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