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Hey there!  

I'm trying to make my weekly newsletter more readable, but I'm not done yet - this is just for today because it takes awhile to reformat. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have a new look - one that is easy and fun to read and looks more professional.  You guys, it takes so long to do this sort of stuff and I always put it off. I'm just so lazy when it comes to admin things, especially technical stuff like this.    

I went to a great bar this past week - WILDHAWK - which is on 19th & Lexington (the old Lexington Club) and it's super cool (thanks Michelle L!). It's kind of sophisticated and feminine and it's gorgeous inside.  Oh, and the drinks are so good - the cocktail menu is very innovative. It was super hot last Monday, and on my way over there my uber driver told me I should order a moscow mule because it would be refreshing.  So I did.  And it was awesome and icy cold. It's a very comfy bar with couches and upholstered chairs and wallpaper. I just loved it, and can't wait to go back.

I can't stop eating salmon.  I'm so into it lately.  I made it twice last week.  I season both sides with lots of kosher salt, dried thyme, a little garlic powder & a little pepper.  Then I sear the crap out of it in a cast iron skillet so it gets a nice crust on both sides.  I don't cook it all the way through after searing both sides.  I plop in a little butter and the juice of a lemon then I turn off the heat, put a lid on top of the pan and let it finish cooking that way.  WOW.  It's so good! I like it served with sauteed zucchini and some kind of carb - it could be mashed potatoes, quinoa or rice - I don't care - I just want salmon.  And I have to have it with zucchini for some reason.  You know how I am obsessed with tahini sauce?  Well, I like to have that on my plate as well because tahini sauce tastes great on everything, especially seared salmon. And if I'm not making seared salmon, I like to make Eli's asian salmon a la Ina Garten.  It's from Eli Zabar - of the New York Zabar's - and it's so moist & flavorful and it never disappoints.  Eli's asian salmon is a wonderful dish to serve at a dinner party - everyone will go nuts. Don't worry, I will use gluten free panko and gluten free soy sauce and gluten free oyster sauce, and it won't be spicy!

Rosh Hashanah starts tonight so Happy Jewish New Year y'all!  One of the things I've done the past few years is called tashlikh.  You go to a body water and toss pieces of bread into it while you let go of things you don't want to carry with you this next year.  It could be anything - bad feelings you have about yourself or someone in your life - actions you feel badly about, intentions for the new year, etc.  It's so good.  I didn't grow up doing it, but I saw it on a Bravo tv show a few years ago (Princesses of Long Island - don't judge). You can laugh all you want about the trash that is served on the Bravo network, but I've picked up a few gems from my shows over the years.  And tashlikh is one of them.  I don't go to services - it's not for me - so this is a good way for me to get into the RH spirit.  That, and eating delicious jewish food!  


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