QDTG Newsletter

Hey there, y'all!

Well, election week has finally arrived, and I want you to know that I am here for you.  I've got your back, and I can help you through this tough time.  I've designed a menu to help you cope with all the stages of the election.  

Monday night you'll want to keep it kinda classy and eat something nice & homey like the white bean & chicken cassoulet. Maybe you'll serve it with a dry crisp sauvignon blanc whilst telling yourself that Tuesday will be absolutely fine. Just keep repeating that to yourself, and everything will be ok.

Then Tuesday is going to roll around, and you might go into a panic so a dinner of sloppy joes will be in order. Drink whatever you need to get through the night, and don't worry about eating your messy meal in the living room in front of the tv.  Go on & indulge yourself.  Just do it.  You'll have enough to worry about so give yourself a break and leave the dirty dishes in the sink for the night - you deserve it.  Don't forget to take a few advil before bed with a big glass of water.  

By Thursday night you'll need to figure out how to move forward and there's no better way to do that than with spaghetti.  Everyone loves pasta - it's an equalizer. Whatever the outcome is, you'll be in your home eating a lovely meal while the nation starts the long & arduous process of healing itself.  Do not drink this night, you will need a break.  This is a new beginning.


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