QDTG Newsletter

Happy Sunday, y'all!  

It's spring ahead, which always messes with everyone's internal clocks. I like it when it's light out early in the morning, which just sort of started happening a few weeks ago, and now we are back to darkness. I used to be able to get up at the crack of dawn no problem, but it's getting harder and I need all the help I can get. Woe is me.  

Big correction from last week via my dad, Jerry Jacobs, bagel connoisseur & purchaser. The bagels that we got for our brunch a few weeks ago came from Bagel Baron in Berkeley, and must be ordered 48 hours in advance and picked up by 10:30am at their Berkeley bakery location. The bagels at that other place I mentioned "mostly suck big time" so don't go there. Bagel Baron bagels have won internal NY Times tasting competitions. I need not say more.  

You guys! Public service announcement! SF Rec & Park has new registration software. You need to create a new account, which is really easy - here's the link. Create this new account before next Saturday because that's the crazy summer camp sign up day when everyone goes mental refreshing all of their devices and/or standing in line trying to get their kids into affordable & fun camps. Also new this year is that you can create a wish list of camps you want by putting them into your cart. This means you might actually have a good chance of getting what you want because all the camps are already chosen and all you have to do is pay for them. Now this is in theory only. We don't know what kind of mayhem awaits us next Saturday at 10am, but we can prepare. Best of luck.

Speaking of luck, the luck of the Irish that is, St. Patty's Day is coming up on Friday. This means that corned beef with cabbage & potatoes & carrots is happening for QDTG on Thursday. Eat it on Thursday or Friday - it doesn't matter - it will taste wonderful either or both days. You'll need to place your order for Thursday's meal, which will cost a little extra at $65 per meal - by Wednesday at 9am. I've actually had a few people ask me if I'm doing it again this year so place your order right away because it's first come first serve.  

Have a great week and let me cook for you.


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