QDTG Newsletter

Good morning, y'all.  

I feel like Thanksgiving snuck up on me this year.  How did it get here so fast?  Nonetheless, I am super excited about it - in fact, I can't wait.  But before Thursday gets here, I have lots of cooking to do.  This week will be a little different because of the holiday so I'm only doing Monday QDTG.  As for Tuesday & Wednesday, I'll be doing special order catering.  I'm mostly full, but that probably won't stop me from taking more on so don't hesitate to get in touch because it's not a holiday unless I go kinda crazy with work.  

Yesterday our Girl Scout troop did a Friendsgiving meal & food drive, and it was amazing.  It was hectic and kind of insane and perfectly wonderful.  We had the event at Annie's house (shout out to Annie B!) who was really gracious about having us all there.  There is no way that I could ever, ever, ever host something like this.  Not only do I not have the space, but I don't have the patience. I couldn't share my kitchen. Annie is a saint. We had a beautiful meal - spiced nuts, a cheese & charcuterie platter, a hot artichoke & brussel sprout dip, stuffed turkey breast, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans with crispy onions and gravy.  There was so much food - I over bought - so everyone got to go home with leftovers - yay.  It was epic.  Sweat was dripping down my face at certain points and my new red lipstick was kind of schmeared and my mascara rubbed off under my eyes and my hair - well, my hair was simultaneously limp & frizzy from steam.  But the food was awesome, and so is our troop.  

I love this website called Delish - there are so many crazy recipes on there, and really great videos to watch with music & graphics.  I often see the videos on instagram, and then head to the website to see more. Delish is really good for party food like dips - here's a link to 30 holiday dips - both sweet & savory - they are kind of ridiculous - but so good. And here's one for easy Thanksgiving side dishes just in case you are still thinking about what to make.  And for the gluten free folks, here's a link to gluten free Thanksgiving recipes. But you could always go more high brow and check out Smitten Kitchen's Thanksgiving recipes - they are very good and well thought out - all you have to do is follow her recipes and they will turn out great - she's inspiring.  And if you want to go even more high brow - like, go to the top - check out Sam Sifton's Recipe Box from The New York Times - it's The Times!  I have really enjoyed reading his game plan for Thanksgiving.  It's really fun to mix it up - go high brow & go low brow.  It's like wearing a really cheap top with super expensive jeans. Why not shake things up this year?  

Enjoy your holiday - I hope it's delicious and heart warming!


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