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Hey there & happy Sunday, y'all!  

In a few hours I'm taking a quick overnight trip down to Orange County to help my friend pick out some appliances for her new kitchen.  I'm so excited to be going on a mini vacation, and to be helping my friend.  She's renovating her beach house, and I was really flattered when she asked if I would help her.  She was like, do you have to ask Dan if it's ok, and I was like, no, I'm free - I can do whatever I want.  This is not really true, but I like to pretend that I can come & go whenever & wherever I want. Luckily, my family & work responsibilities are light the next two days.  I figured Dan would be fine about me going, and he was totally cool.  And I figured my Monday client whom I've cooked for almost every single week for many, many years would be ok, too.  And she is (thanks, Julie!). And since my daughter is taking the bus to camp by herself all week long and she packs her own lunch, I knew she'd be fine as well. So I'm all good, and ready to go.   It's not going to be just work for us, hopefully we will be able to have a little fun in between.  I'll be away the week of August 8th as well - and that will be my last vacation for awhile. One last hurrah before school starts on August 15th.  I can't believe the end of summer is drawing near. In three weeks it will be back to a crazy schedule and lots of driving and so much to do all the time. Thankfully, I've accomplished a lot of things I wanted to do around the house this summer so I should be ready for the schedule change.  Until then, I'll be savoring the next few weeks of "freedom"...


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