Hey there, clients!

So I wasn't going to write a lot today because I don't have much time, and when I told my friend Suzanne that this morning she asked me to write a little something because she says she looks forward to it and won't read my email otherwise. This is for you my lady Suzanne...

Chanukah starts tonight - yay - so exciting!  This means I will be making a TON of latkes.  Tomorrow I am going to make them for 40 people - a huge endeavor.  And it's something I would never do in my own kitchen. Never. Ever. Ever.  Thankfully my client will let me make them in hers.   I'm going to peel & chop 20 lbs of potatoes, shred them in my cuisinart and mix them with eggs, onion, salt & matzoh meal (so much better than flour).  I will get three pans going at once - my two electric skillets and a huge non stick fry pan and start frying them up.  I'll drain them on paper towels and flash freeze them so my client can use them at her party a few days later.  If you do it right, they will taste crispy & amazing even when you reheat them.  I'll be frying for hours. Hashtag latkes!

My father-in-law has been in town the past few days, and we've done some fun things.  On Friday we took a great drive through the city - drove around Buena Vista Park, down Haight street, through GG park, SeaCliff, the Presidio, the GG bridge and over to Sausalito.  Our Sausalito destination included lunch at Fish which is so freakin' good.  If you haven't been, go, it's so fun to head out to Sausalito and eat fresh sustainable fish & produce in a sweet little marina.  Even the kids fish sticks are good - homemade with halibut and a light breading.  And don't get me started on the tartar sauce - it's like crack - it's addictive.  On the way home we drove through Pac Heights, Chinatown, got stuck in a traffic jam in the Financial District and Soma and then finally got home.  I had to go hideout in my room for a few hours after that and "take some time to myself" - it was quite a day!  I should note that I was the driver for the day because I am actually a way better driver than my husband.  My father-in-law was impressed.  He's from the school of thought that ladies aren't such good drivers (whatevs).  I don't think he feels that way anymore so here's to us ladies!  And this is a great tip - take the Red & White Fleet bridge to bridge tour of the bay - it's beautiful!  We did the 4:15 tour yesterday which leaves from Pier 43 (and a half!).  If you take it at that time, you will be able to see the beautiful lights of the city at sundown which are especially gorgeous during the holidays.  It was stunning, you guys - really stunning.  I didn't listen to the headphone tour but I heard it was really good.  Instead I went outside on the deck where it was freezing cold and the wind whipped through my hair and I took a ton of photos for Instagram so everyone could see how cool & arty & adventurous I am.  Also of note is that after Thanksgiving, no one goes on these tours so there were just a handful of people on the boat which was great - tons of room to snap tons of pictures and take in the amazing views.

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