QDTG Newsletter

This week had it all. I catered a shiva and a bar mitzvah - a sad occasion & then a happy occasion. There was so much rain - so much water - both literally and figuratively. Friday was was tragic and Saturday was hopeful and uplifting. A lot of symmetry. I'm so glad it ended on a positive note.  

Tomorrow is my 23rd anniversary of being with Dan Steiger. January 23 is our 23. This is how it happened y'all. Dan is my friend Shauna's older brother. Shauna & I went to college together at UMASS Amherst (Dan was there for a little bit of that time but we didn't know each other). Shauna & I studied together in Angers, France for a semester and I saw a photo of Dan, and I was like - wow - he's super cute - I'd love to meet him. This was way back in 1990. We met briefly in the airport upon our arrival back in Boston, but I looked like crap so let's forget that happened. Flash forward to a few months later when Shauna had a super fun party at her house, and Dan & I got to know each other a little better. I liked him right away, and I pretty much never stopped liking him until we all lived together in Cambridge in November of 1993. We were roommates. Both Dan & Shauna were in school and I had a temp job. Shauna was always busy and Dan was around and we became friends, and I had a huge crush. We spent a lot of time together, and my crush was out of control. It made my stomach hurt. Dan was shy and just not going to pull the trigger. So I did. On the B.U. Bridge on January 23rd, 1994. That's where I told him I liked him more than a friend. And that's that. We are going to celebrate on Wednesday night because Mondays are crappy. Where should we have dinner????? I'd love some suggestions.  

Have a great week and let me cook for you.


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