QDTG Newsletter

Good morning!  

Dramatic week last week, y'all.  I had to cancel QDTG on Thursday due to a root canal.  Do you remember when I had one last year?  I do.  And I was so upset when my dentist told me I had to have another one.  I cried a little bit because I'm kind of a baby. I love my dentist - her name is Dr. Jennifer Creelman - and she's super cool and super smart and she knows her stuff.  She also knows the best endodontist - Dr. Darren Machule - and he had one opening for several weeks so instead of cooking I got a root canal.  So I'm making the same meal this Tuesday that I was supposed to make last Thursday.  When I went to the dentist to get my cavity filled last Wednesday, it was all cool - just a routine filling - and I was ok.  I even saw my old friend Chris in the waiting room, which was so much fun because I love him and it had been a long time since we'd seen each other. He just opened his own skin studio in the Castro called Resurface.  His specialty is men's waxing but he also does facials, and I'm going to make an appointment with him and get my skin resurfaced and I can't wait. So it was kind of like a party at Dr. Creelman's - I saw Chris, and then I saw Rich my favorite hygienist, and I was joking with Denise the office manager.  And then the drilling started and the novocain wasn't really working and the X-ray revealed that I needed a root canal, and it really wasn't that fun anymore.  So Denise called Dr. Machule's office, and I just took the appointment the next day because it's Machule or bust. My appointment wasn't until the afternoon so I busied myself all morning long doing all kinds of house chores that I had been blowing off for weeks.  I deep dusted with my dyson vacuum cleaner dusting extension.  I sent long over due emails, did some calendaring and just kept myself busy in a very manic fashion.  Then I popped a valium, called an uber and began my root canal journey.  My Russian driver told me he had 9 root canals, and I nearly lost it.  We talked the whole way to Union Square about russian dentistry.  Let me tell you - by the time I got to the office, I was actually feeling a little grateful.  So they put me in the chair, I told them how nervous I was, and they couldn't have been any nicer.  Dr. Machule and his assistant were amazing and they made me laugh and I only cried just for a second. And then it was over, and I was high on valium and loving life.  Dr. Machule is amazing, and I have a crush on him and I'm not afraid to admit it.  When I got into an uber to go home, I was in a euphoric fog so I started texting friends.  The holiday lights were magical and I was so cozy and it was raining outside, and I just felt so good, you guys.  Here's a doozy I sent Dr. Jennifer Creelman - it went something like this - I love you, I love Dr. Machule and I love valium.  

Dr. Jennifer Creelman - best dentist ever - Creelman Farmer Dentistry - 2191 Market Street - (415)255-0400

Dr. Darren Machule  - best endodontist ever - Union Square Endodontics - (415)398-4964

Mr. Chris Lane - Resurface Skin Studio - right in the heart of the Castro - waxing & facials

Well, this is the last newsletter until Sunday, January 1st, 2017.  Have a beautiful & delicious & fun holiday season.  Thanks for letting me cook for you!


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